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History of BGCFA

This page will be to keep everyone up-to-date on the trip BGCFA and I take with Regal Crest as guide. So, like, hold on ’cause here we go!


January 10th, Butch Girls Can Fix Anything will begin shipping from stores such as Star Crossed Productions.


BREAKING NEWS!! BGCFA is coming out in January! Coming down to the wire. Am I ready? Are you ready?


NEW: I’ve set up an announcement list for anyone who wishes to be kept up to date on publication dates and any other author news. This announcement list will only be used for such specific information. You will not receive mail from other list members.

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The blurb is done! I sent off the back blurb for the book today. As long as The Powers That Be like it, the latest fun of having a book published will be done.


11/27/06 – Soon I should get the typesetting version. This will need to be gone over for a final check on spelling, tpyos, etc. Once that is done, the typesetting version is updated and (gasp!) sent to the printer. BGCFA is still on schedule to be published in February.

6/26/06 – The process has officially begun. Jane began with a bang, giving me more things to think about than my brain can handle. She’s good though! I have posts in the blog that delve into what I am learning, doing, etc. You can read those by using the keyword tag I give those posts. Because it is in “blogging” format, the posts are in reverse order (sorted by date).

5/22/06 – Ack! Eek! The editing process has begun. I have been assigned an editor by RCE. She is Jane Vollbrecht, author of Picture Perfect and several other soon-to-be-released books. So far, we’ve had fun emails back and forth and today I sent her the manuscript. We may have a chance to sit down together in Atlanta (at the GCLS Convention) to discuss it. I am nervous about this. When I sent BGCFA off to the publisher, I didn’t see them read it. I didn’t get feedback on stuff like, “We’ll buy it but you need to work on Chapter 7.” This is different. This is personal. Like I told her, good thing my fingernails need trimming.

5/10/06 – The cover is official! You can see it on my author bio page at Regal Crest or down below on this page.

4/29/06 – The artist is starting on the cover. This brings the excitement back up to the surface and I am tripping all over again.

My bio is up on the Regal Crest Enterprises author section.

2/5/06 – Got the contract and signed it. Lorna will take it to the post office in the morning. It was a tough thing, signing it. Like, this is a legally binding document. Makes me nervous!

In other news, RCE just did a major revamp of their website. More is to come but go check it out now. As an author, I have a page although there’s not much there since I just started.

1/31/06 – For my first NaNoWriMo in 2004, I wrote “Butch Girls”. I spent most of 2005 editing the darn thing.

On Jan. 2nd, 2006, I submitted Butch Girls Can Fix Anything to Regal Crest Enterprises. On Jan. 25th I was offered a contract and on Jan. 31st, the announcement was made.


“Butch Girls Can Fix Anything” is a lesbian romance set in the fictional town of High Pond, NC. It follows three females as they learn not only about the others, but about themselves. Kelly Walker can fix anything-except herself. Grace Owens seeks a stable community of friends for herself and her daughter. Lucy Owens wants help her with fourth-grade math. As their stories unfold, each must deal with her own version of trust, of risks, and of what makes someone strong.”

(from the press release)


cover for book