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When a person calls themselves a ‘writer’ that really opens the door to a wide variety of ‘writing’. There is fiction and nonfiction, of course, but what I mean is ‘genre‘. For example, there are science fiction, fantasy, romance, historical fiction, mainstream, etc etc genres. THEN within each of the genres are other segments. For example, ‘hard’ science fiction vs ‘soft’ science fiction. Hard SF means that what happens in the book could possibly actually happen. Soft SF means that the current information available could not produce such events and some “suspension of belief” is expected.

So what genre do I fall into?

Good question!

Of the projects I have going right now, I have a science fiction, a fantasy, and several romances. Ugh, romance? Yes, romance. But not just the usual ‘throbbing member’ type. I got womyn doin’ womyn in mine. In regular terms, that means I am writing lesbian romance and lesbian-themed science fiction and fantasy. Now, feel better just knowing, don’t you?

My debut novel, Butch Girls Can Fix Anything (romance), was released by Regal Crest Enterprises in January ’07. My second novel, To Sleep (science fiction), was released in 2013. Its sequel will be released in 2014. Meanwhile, there’s more “Butch Girl” books and a fantasy novel I am writing. Yes, I am eclectic in a lot of things in my life.

My current WIPs (works in progress) and their status:

  • To Dream – Science Fiction – book two of the Soliloquy series (To Sleep is book one) – tentative release date of 9/15
  • Simple Sarah and Long Lea – Fantasy – currently in rewrite (again) mode. Again. Still.
  • Butch Girls 2 – tentatively titled Butch Girls and U-Hauls – Romance – rewrite mode
  • Butch Girls 3 – tentatively titled Butch Girls and Stereotypes – Romance – rewrite mode
  • Scholarly Ways/Centric – Science Fiction stuck in perpetual research
  • Perchance – part 3 of the Soliloquy series
  • To Die – part 4 of the Soliloquy series.


  • Butch Girls 4 – Chaz and Sam – Romance
  • Butch Girls 5 – Rain and Deb – Romance
  • Butch Girls 6 – Annette and Kaye – Romance
  • Butterfly Effect – Science Fiction (may be based on the world of To Sleep)
  • Elements – Fantasy – a cool project I did for NaNoWriMo 2014. I really like this story. Powerful beginning. But I’m not sure where it was going and I screeched to a halt. Once that comes to me, this is gonna be fun to write.

Inactive Projects:


Online Reading:

For some of my stuff that is online, check the “Published Work” page. I have links to everything that is available there.

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  • On February 12, 2008 at 7:48 pm Karen said

    Hi Paula,
    Usually I send a note from my work email – but was wandering around this evening and ended up on your web site – linked here from Vollbrecht’s site. Pretty neat. So I’m checking out your space. Out of new books at the moment so into my re-reading…I have now nearly 600 lesbian books to chose from – am never going to be able to retire. Not heading up or thru that way any time soon – probably head towards the Ellijay area for a weekend soon – gotta have a mtn. fix. Wish we could head out west for the convention – the location sounds fantastic from all reports. Gotta go – hope all’s well in the NC mountains!