Copyright Laws

I have recently learned about the copyright laws and what is considered ‘published’. Appearantly, if I were to submit Wayback or Predictable World, publishers do not like it if part or all of the material has ever been ‘publicly published’. Putting the material on a website is considered being public. So, I have had to remove all of my excerpts/snippets so that someday I can say, yes but only for 4 days.

Weird Wayback

I have really taken off on the middle section of Wayback. Its going in some weird directions. Sometimes I look back at what I just wrote and think, “Where the hell did that come from?” The middle went from a bit thrown in so I could remember my thoughts to the huge thing it is now.

As of about 9pm today: 24,734

Some of the direction it seems to be going in is weird. But I am going to go with it and settle it in the edit.I have focused almost solely on the Searching Pack and have not jumped to anyone else. I have jumped within the Searching Pack scenes tho and it doesn’t feel too awkward. Did I mention it was going kinda weird?

In Real Life – it snowed starting yesterday afternoon and most of today. Its the heavy wet stuff. Its been snowing most of tonight too and they just upped the winter storm warning until in the morning. Lorna has to work tomorrow. I hate that.

Word Counts

Almost midnight. I will be going to bed soon. (?)

Word Counts:

  • Wayback Part 1 – 48243
  • Middle – 13116
  • Ending – 5812
  • Outline – 802
  • Notes – 692

Not bad considering early today the Middle was just over 5000!!

Editing Wayback

I have FINALLY completed editing the first part of Wayback. Its word count is 48,242. Never did I think I would actually get a single thing with that many words. So, you think ‘Hey, that’s pretty good! When will it be published?’ And I would say ‘HA!’

At only 48K, the first part would only be a Novella. To be considered a Novel, it would need to be a minimum of 50K up to 110K. The understanding, however, is that anything under 70,000 is not big enough to be a novel. Check out this page on the Fiction Factor site for more information.

With the Wayback Part 1 at 48,242; Middle at a mere 5226; and the Ending at just 5812: I still have a way to go yet with a total of 59,280 words. My aim is to get to a minimum of 80K. That means the Middle will need to get at the least another 20K to get me there. I don’t expect the Ending to get much bigger.

Meanwhile I have signed up for that 2yr project. The writing for it won’t really start until about June so perhaps by then…

In Real Life, we had a dusting of snow this morning. Of course, its all gone now. I didn’t have any appts for today and already took care of the one for Thursday. Friday I have PT again. What a boring life I have! I need to mention that I am surrounded by 6 napping dogs. At least they don’t snore!

Editing and New Project

Today I did 5 more pages to Wayback as well as some editing of already written stuff. I think I could edit this thing to death. But then again, I keep coming up with more scenes.

I have decided to sign up for a 2yr project with FMWriters. Starting in January, we will go from the scratchpad and end in Dec. 2005 with a completed work that has been sent to several publishers. Eegads, what have I done?

I kept coming up with excuses today to not write. So I watched tv and the first thing I watched was a movie. Its main character was a writer. I later watched ‘Golden Girls’ and saw the one where Blanche’s sister comes to town for a book signing. Sigh. I gave up and started banging the keyboard.

In my real life, I had PT today. We are concentrating now on the psoas muscle and hope to get it to the point where I do not have to have injections to try and calm it down. Did I mention that the injections will go in at the groin?

Joella went with me of course and was a good girl. I forgot to bring change so we couldn’t get our wax donuts. I go again on Friday so I will rob the rabbit before I go.

Okay, been away from Wayback long enough. Time to finish updating the website and get to work.