Editing and New Project

Today I did 5 more pages to Wayback as well as some editing of already written stuff. I think I could edit this thing to death. But then again, I keep coming up with more scenes.

I have decided to sign up for a 2yr project with FMWriters. Starting in January, we will go from the scratchpad and end in Dec. 2005 with a completed work that has been sent to several publishers. Eegads, what have I done?

I kept coming up with excuses today to not write. So I watched tv and the first thing I watched was a movie. Its main character was a writer. I later watched ‘Golden Girls’ and saw the one where Blanche’s sister comes to town for a book signing. Sigh. I gave up and started banging the keyboard.

In my real life, I had PT today. We are concentrating now on the psoas muscle and hope to get it to the point where I do not have to have injections to try and calm it down. Did I mention that the injections will go in at the groin?

Joella went with me of course and was a good girl. I forgot to bring change so we couldn’t get our wax donuts. I go again on Friday so I will rob the rabbit before I go.

Okay, been away from Wayback long enough. Time to finish updating the website and get to work.