Real Life Interference

(Drum Roll) Dare numbers so far are:

Dare #32 – 73608 w/ 16392 to go (90K)

  • Jan Total – 63977
  • Feb Total – 9631

Dare #28 – 2771 w/ 1229 to go (4K)

  • Jan Total – 2135
  • Feb Total – 636

Year Dare – 426,392 left to go (500K)

The Ending has now reached 25883
Wayback has now reached 116,751

I have reset my daily word goal to 1000. I need that extra push to get stuff written. Wayback, as you can see, is coming along great. I am considering making Predictable World into an E-book if I ever get around to finding out what an E-book is.

Real Life sucks. Yesterday had to have a shot of demoral (sp?) to make a massive headache go away (it had reached its 36hr mark). Yet it did not let go until this morning. My head is still not right. My scalp is all numb and I am SOOOO tired. But I managed to get some work done and as always that makes me feel better. All the dogs are doing well, Joella especially. She can sometimes be a pain in the arse but, hey, gotta love her.

Lorna has done exceptionally well during the past several days as I recover from this headache. I really got lucky when I found her.

Word Count Update

Okay, the numbers are:

  • Word Count Total: 63977
  • Beginning: 42267
  • Middle: 48601
  • Ending: 19918
  • World/Notes: 1636
  • 2YN/Notes: 3189

Wayback reached 110,786. I am so psyched I could actually get this thing finished. I keep hitting snags, stuff that trips me up and makes me rethink “What the hell am I doing?!”

In Real Life, yet more winter storms keep whomping us. And I have a new diagnosis to add to the growing stack. I collect them it seems.


Big news!! Wayback has crossed the 100K mark!! WhooHoo!!

Yes, sports fans, as of this evening, the total is 109,046. Wow, do you think this thing will actually get done? And, I just realized I have done over 40K since the 14th.

The two year novel is going good. Theme was tough but identifying a conflict or two was a little tougher.

In Real Life, we may thaw out from the latest snow/ice storm before the next one hits.

Progress of WB

Wayback is moving along just fine. I am happy/pleased with its progress. I am approaching the point where I think it went wrong the first time. I am slowing down the pace of my writing as well as editing what I have now.

Wayback novel – 61,248 words. Over half way there. Wouldn’t it actually be cool to get this thing published?!

The two year novel project is going slowly but surely. It is amazing to see what ideas everyone else has. There are some potential best sellers out there!

In Real Life, yesterday was Lorna’s birthday as well as Jim’s birthday (my step-dad).

Catch Up

Here I am falling behind already. sigh. Well, Wayback revision is flying along. I am not close to where I stopped earlier but I am getting there. And I like this way better I think.

Predictable World is still in its little cubby hole. I suppose it will stay there for a while.

What else? Oh, Ryan’s story is a success. I have let my new friend Lorn read it and what I have heard is that Ryan liked it too.

I recently managed to edit 92 pages, which is the entire Beginning of Wayback. I sent the first 30 pps off to Melissa to edit.

WordCounts are:

  • Beginning – 42350
  • Middle – 15937
  • Notes – 225
  • WorldBuilding – 247
  • 2YN – 811

Which puts Wayback novel at 58287.

In Real Life, everything else is going okay I guess.

Reverse Works

Lets see. I am doing much better with Wayback. The backing up and starting over is doing what I hoped it would. The prophecy part is gone, and instead its an archeological mystery of sorts I guess.

My word count is going great. Wayback is in like, three different files, perhaps even four. I have to try and remember which one is the current one. Oy.

  • Wayback BeginningTT (Take Two) is 42,031.
  • NotesTT is 52.
  • WorldBuilding is 149.

I am meeting my goal of 500 a day easily. So far the smallest day I have had is today at 1896. I am doing wonderfully on the Dare.

In real life, not much is going on. All of my appts and the like are starting back up this week. Oh goody. PT, counselor, and pain doc are all this week.

After the holiday

Well, sigh, Wayback is coming to a screeching halt and slamming into reverse. I am starting it over, reusing a lot of it, but for the most part, a lot of it is changing. Whoopie.

Meanwhile, Christmas is over. I sent my nephew and neice a short story each. Haven’t heard what they thought of it though. I will post it here.

I have set a goal of 500 words a day. The Dare I have signed up for is 1000 words a day. So I figure if I at least get the 500, I can catch up on good days.