Bad girl. No donut.

I was a bad bad girl.

As you can see, I was mucking around with this blog. I should be ashamed of myself. But of course, I’m not. Far from it, actually.

I found this theme today and decided to give it a try. I like it because it utilizes the entire page and uses two sidebars. I don’t like the white background but I’m still trying to figure it out. Meanwhile, I put some funny stuff all through out it. Like, hit the ‘Git It’ button to search the posts. You can leave it blank or enter in some non-sense word even I wouldn’t use. Or scroll down to see the text under the weather map.

There’s more but I ain’t gonna tell you.

And now, on to better and bigger things. Like Zoo Tycoon 2.


The things we do to get out of editing….

I had someone ask me if I used a program to enter my wordcount data or if I did it manually. I do the latter. So now, of course, I am trying to use’s Calc to then save in html and upload to the ‘net. Problem is, it only makes sense to me and do I want to make it pretty just for that reason? You know how spreadsheets are. They are designed more for the user than the reader.

So I’ve decided that manually inputing the numbers every other day or so won’t kill me. Too much.

Fine. I’ll get back to work on the editing thing. But if you have an idea, let me know.

Theme Upgrade

Please be patient as I play with this once again. Pike Murdy has updated the theme. I have to re-enter the changes I made. If a page looks wonky, just hit reload/refresh. If it’s still wonky, come back in a few minutes.

bumper sticker reading Hit Head on Keyboard to Continue

Okay, I think I’m finished messin’ with it. I’ve added links in the header (working on getting them above the line), added links to the bottom; put back in the weather and the accessibility rating icons. I’m thinking that maybe the weather should be up higher? Like, above or below the calendar? Hmm. Things to consider.

There’s links to the ‘pages’ (all 2 of them) but I might take those down.

Anyway, it is done for now. At least for the next hour.

About got this figured out….

I think.

I’m not sure yet.

I’m wondering which one I like doing, my own html page or this program.

Gotta admit, this one is prettier. But too many bells and whistles can distract.

At any rate, from what I understand, the categories to the right act as a filter. Click on a calendar day and you see all the posts for that day. Click on General, see only the posts for that category, such as this one. Click Real Life, only read what I have labeled such. Etc etc.

I case you got here a round-about way, this is the link to the main page: