They're Just Words

… or are they??

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Twilight Zone

Bad to da Grammar Bone

(aka: Dug out from the Dark Corners of our Desks)

All writers have it but some try to hide them, even burn them. Not me. I am going to show you just what kind of crap someone like me can come up with. You will wince, you may even gag. But I am going to do it anyway.

In other words, in my efforts to gather my previous works and see if any of them can be reproduced and revived, I have come across some really bad stuff. Not bad as in evil or horror, but bad as in badly written, badly planned, and bad to da grammar bone.

Poetry of a Different Sort

Good Morning? (an ode to the non-morning folks)

The Bird

Peach Tree

God’s Best (forced rhyme but sweet)