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Wayback and Pedigree

In Mutts from Wayback, the world is afflicted with earthquakes. The population in question is made of Canine, Possum, GroundHog, Raccoon as well as Bear, Whale, Dolphin and Feline. The population interacts and seperates with each wave of quakes.

Mutts from Wayback is about a group that go in search of the name of their god. The name was lost after one of the earthquakes and recent archeological evidence guides them in their quest.

There is little violence, no swearing, and no magic. So why bother? ‘Cause it’s cool to read how these species interact on their search.

Current Status of Wayback:

Wayback is completed and is in limbo somewhere between edit and rewrite. Currently at 131,933 words, it is a huge project. I wrote Wayback when I was first taking this writing thing seriously. I have grown as a writer since then and it is interesting to read it and see how I have changed in both style and ability.

Current Status of Pedigree:

I started Pedigree right after finishing Wayback. At only 8647 words, Pedigree obviously didn’t get very far. I felt too much like I was still writing Wayback and my heart just wasn’t in it. Pedigree takes place not too far from the ending of Wayback.

The Story behind Wayback and Pedigree

We (meaning my partner Lorna and I) have been rescuers of lost and tossed critters for a long time now. Most of our rescued have been mixed breeds – also known as mutts or ‘randomly bred’.

If you have ever had the fortune of being owned by a mutt, you know the joy in the constant guessing of just what breeds are in their genes. We began to call the ones with the more well-mixed genetic backgrounds “Mutts from wayback”.

Our first dog, Zeus, was such a Mutt. Gotten from the animal shelter, we really had fun trying to identify his background.

We realized that he needed a companion and our second dog was needing a home – a deaf Dalmatian. We changed her name to Jake and she and Zeus became life-long friends.

Jake has a tendacy for her ears to fold back. Since she looked like Princess Leah (from Star Wars) we joked she had on her full Princess. More often however, just one ear would fold back so then she had on her Half-Princess.

We soon began spinning tales of Mutts from Wayback and Princesses of Pedigree. We continued to acquire Mutts so Jake represented Pedigree in the land of Wayback. As the stories progressed, friends kept saying I needed to put it down on paper.

After many years, and after the death of my Zeus, I began to write it down. It slowly grew to be more than just some jotting down of thoughts.

We now have more Pedigrees than Mutts in this house. Well, if PopCorn the Foxhound is considered a Pedigree.

We have Jake, Maggie, a hound mix; Casey, a Jack Russel/Cattle Dog/whoknows what mix; Sparky, a Norwegian Elkhound; PopCorn, a Foxhound (with more rocks in her head than brain cells); and Joella, a Rottweiler (who is also >my Service Dog).

So that is how Wayback and Pedigree got started. I am not settled on the current title but ‘Mutts from Wayback and Princess and Princesses from Pedigree’ is just way too long. Maybe as a subtitle?