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Truck Stop

What happens when your one-night-stand turns out to be someone you keep running into?

You know, you are out of state, perhaps even across country, and you are with a bunch of people you will never see again, like at some weird conference. You let your hair down and act silly, knowing you will never see these people again so you don’t have to worry about getting ‘looks’ at home.

You decide to let your hair really down and you have a one night stand with a very perfect stranger. You never do this. You fantasize about it all the time, but you never go through with it. For once, just this once, you do.

Now, that perfect stranger is not as much as stranger as you would like….

Basically, that is Truck Stop in a nutshell. It is at a stand-still right now as I figure out how to get from where the characters are now to where they are to be by the end. I think I painted myself into a corner.

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  • On January 24, 2007 at 8:31 pm Truck Stop said

    Oh jeez, I hope you didn’t pick up this one night stand in an actual truck stop! heh.