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… or are they??

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The Guide

The Guide is a GLBT romance I suppose. It is the closest to erotica that I have right now. The main character is a Park Guide (hence the title). I have held little back as I write it, NOT fading to black with any of the sex scenes.

The Guide started from one of those ‘idea generators’:

My main character/protagonist is a female. My main character is a trail guide. An archetype present in my story is The Rebel. A key object or symbol in my story is a train set. My story will be set in an artists’ colony. My story is about ethnicity. An event or situation in my story is a bad haircut.

Weird, huh? So how on earth did I get erotica from that?!

Ah, now if I told you, it would ruin the story, wouldn’t it?

Well okay, maybe a little more. The MC is a leather dyke. While it dances around in the S&M and/or B&D scenes, it is not a pain and humiliation type of kink. More of a control kink. And that is the recurring theme: who is in control?

I am not sure how far this one will go. I think I keep it around just to have a chance to cross that line between romance and erotica. Not much of a difference really, other than one uses the right words and the other uses things like ‘womanhood’ and ‘firm desire’. Sheesh.

I am not looking for beta readers for this project. Sorry.