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Predictable World

Chapter 1: Vision and Reality
Chapter 2: Heaven and Hell

The two chapter names are interchangeable. I am not sure just sure which fits which.

Predictable World is a tale of an individual (non-gender specific) who is alive when ‘Rapture’ happens. The tale mostly is of the person’s life after that. Heaven is basically what you want it to be. If your idea of Heaven is to make fine furniture, then that is what you can do. If your idea of Heaven is to sing in The Choir, then that is what you do.

Money does not exist although barter does. Plants and animals exist but most of Heaven are vegetarians. There is a ‘night’ since most plants need some time of darkness. People eat, sleep, drink, laugh, etc. just as they would here but without the “baggage”.

The Hero (which is what we will call the main character here) is asked by God to go see to the ones that are in Hell. Well, a layer of Hell. Just as Heaven is what you think or want it to be, so is Hell. The Hero’s journey through Hell is most of the first Chapter.

As you can guess, a lot of my own religious thoughts are put into this story. In the rewrite, I will be putting in other beliefs as well, including the ‘non-Christain’ ones.

The second chapter is where Hero gets a visitor – Satan. So far, their discussions have been interesting. I decided that Satan is a thought of God taken form (which all angels are) – Satan is Doubt. Like I said, their discussions have been interesting.

Most of this project has been in spurts. In one way, its almost as if God is giving me the words to say. But folks are locked up in lovely pink rooms for saying things like that out loud. In another way, a take a thought and expand on it, writing the conversation that is going on in my head.

Will this be publishable under the Christian genre? I don’t think it will and in a way I hope it will not. I don’t think that a Christian only publisher will touch it. It doesn’t fit into any one category so far but I hope to figure that out later. I don’t want to think ‘science fiction’ because then I will see it as that and my thoughts would be tilted.