They're Just Words

… or are they??

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Once upon a time, on a planet far far away….

Okay, that one’s been done a few times.

What I have is an ongoing idea based on a number of scientific theory. From Tesla to Hawking, from symbiosis to sustainability.

This one started out with the title of ‘Scholarly Ways’ but it quickly went away. Sometimes I still refer to it as that, and most likely ‘centric’ won’t stay as a name either.

The Technocentric (those for technology) are bashing heads with the Geocentric (those for the ‘earth’). They both basically want the same thing but they disagree on how to go about it. But they don’t realize they really do want the same thing. Kind of like you saying Red Delicious and me saying Yellow Delicious. They are both apples, just different.

Anyway, this one is started and I keep finding new ideas to toss into the pile. I am thinking there are too many ideas and not enough plot. I may divide the ideas up into different books. But I have sooo many other irons on my not-so-proverbial fire, that this one will most likely sit and wait a bit longer.

You can check out the research I have done so far, or at least some of it, on the research page.