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Butch Girls

1/31/06: BIG Announcement:

I have been offered a contract by Regal Crest Enterprises! Butch Girls Can Fix Anything is scheduled for release in February 2007!

To be kept up-to-date on this book, go to its new page.

It is a little ditty that Lorna and I sing when we have done something we didn’t think possible. Like finish a complicated project or use muscles to wrestle a big piece of drywall or whatever.

It is also the working title to a WIP I did for the 2004 National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNo.

BGCDA is about a handywoman who can fix anything but herself and the death of her partner several years prior. It is yet another romance but this one is going nicely. I didn’t think it would be it seems to be doing better. Editing is going to be a royal pain in the ass but isn’t it always?

UPDATE (12/04):

BGCDA is done at well over 70K. It is really one of the best I have done. I won’t be looking at it to rewrite or edit until March. Stay tuned!

BGCDA Kelly is doing a fabulous job of falling in love. And Grace, along with daughter Lucy, are doing a fabulous job of knocking down Kelly’s walls. Below is a snip of a scene I have taken out. To set it up, a snow storm came, bringing several trees down on Grace and Lucy’s rented house. This takes place about two weeks afterwards.

UPDATE (1/05):

BGCDA is in edit/rewrite. Still. I want this one to be the best so far which means I am taking it much more seriously-er than any of the others. I am still on track though for sending it off for submission in June or July.

UPDATE (2/05)

Still in edit/rewrite although picking up speed sort of. I had to work out a time issue but I think I have it. I’ve been using Inspiration software to organize it so I can look at it.

UPDATE (6/20/05)
BGCDA has finished the editing/rewrite stage! Can ya believe it??!!

UPDATE (1/3/06)
BGCFA has been submitted for the first time.


Lucy still did not understand what had happened so Kelly took her to the house to show her. They walked around in the slush, Kelly holding her hand, pointing out the trees through the house, which pile of rubble was the kitchen, which was her old bedroom. Lucy didn’t say anything, just looked it over. When they had finished viewing, Kelly looked down to see tears pouring down Lucy’s face.

“Hey! It’s okay sweetie! You are okay! Things are just that, things!”

“No! My pretty desk! My bears! I kept my bears with me all these years!”

“Lucy, when they get ready to get in there, I’ll go in and get all of them that I can.”

“I want them now.” Lucy bawled, clutching Kelly’s good hand.

“Tell you what, if you promise not to tell, I’ll go see what I can find. But you can’t tell! Your mama would kill us both.”

Sniff. “Okay.”

“Now, you stand right here. Don’t move from this spot, okay? Here, this is my cell phone. If the house falls in around me head, call this number here.”

“Okay.” Sniff.

Kelly wondered, as she stepped through the slush to where the bedroom used to be, just what the hell was she doing? She found the window and looked through the broken panes. “What do you want the most?”

“My desk.”

“Well, that will hold forever so don’t worry about that. What’s second?”

“My bears.”

“Where are they?”

“All over the room.”

Kelly sighed, looking down at her boots. “Lucy, which one do you want the most?”

“Bear. The one I slept with.”

“Okay. Where was Bear the last place you saw him?”

“In the living room where we made base camp.”

Now Kelly was about to curse. She took a deep breath. “Now, what is in your bedroom that you have to have right this minute besides the desk and besides Bear?”

“My chess set that Santa brought. That is more important to me than anything else. My jewelry box is inside the desk and should be okay. But the chess set can’t get wet.”

“Okay. Now, where was it last?”

Lucy was quiet and Kelly started to turn around. “It was on the bed. The game board was in the middle and the bag of pieces were at the foot. I liked the Whimy-Diddle man but maybe you can make me another one.”

“Okay. I’m going in now. Remember, call that number if the house falls in.”


Kelly crawled through the broken window after knocking the remaining glass out of the way. Surprisingly, parts of the room looked untouched. The desk, since it was against the wall, was in one piece, even the hutch. If it weren’t for the puddles of water and ice, it would look normal. She could just make out the corner of the bed. A tree limb, lots of insulation and shingles covered the rest. She made her way through the tree limbs until she felt cloth. She felt around more and found the corner of the board. Ironic she was risking life and limb to retrieve something she could easily make again.

Pulling out the game board, she saw it was in relatively one piece. Finding the game pieces would be more difficult. She knelt on the floor, getting her knees into the cold water, and felt along the foot. Luckily the kid had a small bed. She pulled out the bag, feeling triumphant like Indiana Jones pulling a jewel from a hole in a cave.

She turned to leave just as a shaft of light came from the holes in the roof and lit up the room. She got a good look at it, shuddering at the damage. Just as she was about to leave, she realized what it was she now saw. Lucy’s pillow, covered in its outrageously colored case, was punctured by one big limb and several smaller ones. Had Lucy been in bed….

As Kelly climbed out, she realized she was falling in love with two females. She wasn’t sure why she was so happy with that. She cared for Lucy’s well being as much as she did Grace’s. She wanted to watch Lucy grow up. Wanted to see her finish fourth grade and go to fifth.

She wanted to hold Grace to her and make love for hours. She wanted to kiss her, fondle her, feel the warmth and wetness surround her fingers. Yes, she was falling in love with two females.