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Greetings from me, Paula Offutt, author of:

Butch Girls Can Fix Anything (which won a Goldie for Debut Author);

To Sleep, Book One of The Soliloquy, released in November, 2013 and a Goldie Finalist in 2014; and

To Dream, Book Two of The Soliloquy, was released September 2015.

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My first book, Butch Girls Can Fix Anything, won the 2008 Debut Author Award from the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference in Phoenix. Released in 2007, Butch Girls Can Fix Anything was published by Regal Crest Enterprises. You can read about where to find the book, how to purchase it, and some of the reviews it received.

My second book, To Sleep, was released Nov. 7, 2013. Please keep watch on its page as I update where to purchase it as well as any reviews it receives. At the GCLS conference in Portland, it was a finalist in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

My third book, To Dream, was released in Sept of 2015. This book has been…interesting. Both to write and to edit. I look forward to hearing what others think of it!

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